Customer Service Done Right


Henley's Gentlemen's Grooming.  As comfortable as your favorite shirt.  More country club than night club.  As warm and inviting as a neat glass of whiskey. A bit of the past, present and future all wrapped up into one amazing experience.

As the old English proverb states, necessity is the mother of invention.  We didn't like much of what we saw in the men's hair care arena, so we decided to build our own place so we could do things the way we thought they should be done.

  At Henleys our aim is to give our clients the absolute highest possible quality of service without the pretentiousness.  Pampering with a masculine flare. It’s true that we did not invent the Gentlemen’s Grooming industry.  Though once you’ve experienced our brand of service, you may swear that we did.

My Best to You Always - Henley